Sunday, November 23, 2008

reasons i'm really excited to move to salt lake and live alone.

1) i really enjoy spending time alone. i know this probably makes me sound like kind of a weirdo, but much of my time is spent working or in school, both of which entail a lot of talking to other people. i LOVE being with my friends, of course, but i also really do like to be alone sometimes.
2) i am a creature of habit, a little bit to a fault. i plan out my whole day, and like to write in my planner what i need to do, what i want to do, etc. so if i am planning on coming home and chilling with a jazz game, and find that my roommates have fourteen friends over watching a movie, my day gets a little jumbled.
3) sometimes i just want to go to bed early. my roommates think i'm a 90 year-old for doing that sometimes. i hate it.
4) i am really kind of tired of having roommates. i like my current ones, but they are 18. so they're in the freshman lifestyle, which involves staying up all night because you can, and leaving your dishes in the sink for a month because no one is telling you to clean them up. also, they take thousands of pictures and post them on facebook and talk really loud and have friends over every minute of every day. like right now: it's 1107pm and there are at least twenty people yelling in the family room. also, they forget their keys every day and ring the doorbell fifty times at 230 in the morning.
5) i don't get scared like i used to. i spent the whole month of august in an empty apartment, and i don't remember being scared once.
6) i like to have friends over, but when the family room is always occupied and/or a giant mess, it is less fun.
7) whole closets. all to myself.
8) not writing my name on things in cupboards/fridges.
9) i just like to have my own space. whether for entertaining, sleeping, sporting event-watching, eating, or working, i like quiet, comfortable, and clean spaces. those who reside in my apartment do not feel the same.

that was basically my nine-point rant. sorry. but i am really really excited. i look at apartments in downtown slc and sugar house every day! (which i should probably stop, because i keep finding perfect apartments to which i can't move in yet. five more months!)

if i ever have another roommate, it will have to be a husband. that's all.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

13.1 miles, take two.

it took some time to decide what to say about the snow canyon half marathon... but i'm ready for a recap.

7pm, night before: i cannot carb load. literally, my stomach cannot take much more than about four bites of pasta. so...i was hungry in the morning. what a waste...
7am, race day: eating some oatmeal that i brought from home in the hotel's breakfast room. pretty sure the front desk girl thought i was sneaking in cocaine because she kept staring at me as i pulled my breakfast out of my bag. i just have a routine. lay off.
815am: woman with her daughter, pointing at those of us in the line to get on the bus: "those are the crazy people. they're running 13 miles today. by choice." thanks for the pep talk, lady.
9am: ready to go. race coordinators are not.
940am: race starts. finally. due in part (i think) to runners inching closer and closer until finally someone just started running. 40 minutes late.
miles 1-3: so great! my garmin told me i did them in 9 minutes each. much faster than my usual mile, therefore...
miles 4-7: veering off the downhill course onto an uphill, gravel bike trail. very uphill.
miles 8-10: eating shot blocks like candy in hopes that i will somehow finish this race.
miles 11-13: girl next to me - "are we going to be able to go three more miles?" me - "can you carry me on your back please?"
13.1: FINISH. awesome friends with sign, cheering louder than the announcer. i think people were jealous that i had my own fan club :)
emily: can you run through again? i missed the picture of you crossing the finish line.
me: (lying on the grass) "NO." :)

mmm yes. the second half marathon was 14x more brutal than the first. i'm not sure why exactly, but i'm thinking it had to do with the serious incline. the race packet says "bus to the top of the canyon and enjoy a beautiful run down" i feel that this is quite a misrepresentation of how much we were running up. :)
but i loved it. strangely, i would do it again.

after a checkup/x-ray with my sports med dr this week, i will be signing up for the salt lake marathon. wish me and my tibia good luck, okay? thanks.