Monday, November 7, 2011

married life.

So, being married is pretty fun. The first week was pretty amazing, with a lot of lounging and eating and napping. The second week was fun, because we were just unpacking and putting away all of our awesome new stuff, plus spending all of our gift cards on some new kitchen items. The third week was the part when I actually felt like this was my house too, and that I wasn't just on a super long vacation at someone else's house! And the fourth week was where I started to feel adjusted to cooking something for dinner every night.

Having a cat is super fun, and living with my buddy has been a pretty low-key experience so far. It is starting to feel more normal to not have to go home at night, but at first it was really weird. Also, the adjustment to being called Allie Blackham is sort of strange, but at least people can actually pronounce it. 3 hours combined at the DMV and social security office were well-spent, I suppose, since now it's all official.