Thursday, April 5, 2012


this sunday will mark six months of marriage, which is kind of mind-blowing to me. i remember the many times i assured others that i would never get married, not because i didn't want to, but because i just wasn't sure it would happen for me. i dated here and there, but it never worked out and i couldn't imagine that it really ever would. it's a super cheesy cliche, and i'm embarrassed to even post it, but truth: those lame, commitment-phobic dudes along the way help you to realize how the right one is supposed to feel.

anyway. marriage is fun and i get to try new recipes since i'm not just cooking for me anymore. the only bummer thing i've found is that i've gained a few pounds...which may or may not be directly correlated to the previous statement. so i'm trying my hardest to get back into running, because after losing 100 pounds once, i KNOW it works. every time i go for a run, i feel so awesome and tough and strong. but the problem is that i just really love to eat, probably more than i should admit. so then i kind of counteract all that good exercise with snacks while making dinner, and dessert more often than not.

but anyway. i had a lot of friends and family members give me lots of good advice about marriage, so i feel like i kind of knew what to expect. plus, by the end of our engagement, chris and i were spending so much time together that not a lot surprises me. the one thing that is new is a small amount of snoring [ahem] which has been solved by the purchase of these. otherwise there would be a lot more couch sleeping, i imagine. we adopted a cat, which has been super fun with the exception of his various strange and persistent illnesses and ailments...but we love him, flaws and all. we also bought a condo, and so far [knock on wood] it has been awesome with no necessary repairs or problems. also, i've been working as a freelance writer, which means a little extra money to plan fun trips with friends to lounge poolside here come june.

i still like to look at the wedding photos and try to remember every detail about this amazing day. but even though the excitement of the day has passed, i try to enjoy every new experience with my new title as wife.