Saturday, May 24, 2008

i've been told that my blogs are depressing?


so i'm cheering it up today.

i registered for the hobble creek half marathon on 23 august. :) that should be... awesome. i just need to start running again. after the last race, i kind of took an inadvertant break from running, and haven't really been able to get back to my routine. it's not good. but i wrote down the mileage for each day on my calendar and i have 13 weeks from today to train. so it'll be good. going four today, so we'll see how that goes. :)

i miss my friends! for awhile i was hanging out with them like every day, and this week has been so boring! (except that i rediscovered the sims, so that rocked.)

speaking of... lasik was so crazy. seriously, everyone should get it. it's soso cool. it takes only like 5min per eye, and i was 20/20 within 24 hours of having it. it was kind of terrifying at first, because this dude was all, "okay i'm going to cut your eye..." but once it got started, i kind of forgot what was going on because it all goes black and then reallyyyyy fuzzy. so i didn't really know what he was doing. but then it worked apparently, because i can seeee :)

anyway, i'm at work again. working saturdays would be lame, except that today i get to work with gillian and brittany, so basically it'll be an awesome saturday. except that i woke up at 715am, which is not that fun.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

oh, the season-ending miss.

why didn't korver take that shot?
can anyone answer this question?

it is so hard to be a fan. the wins are great, but the losses (particularly the season-ending 3-point losses) just make me feel sad and sick. i hate being so invested, because i feel kind of stupid for caring so much. particularly when, in professional sports, one must wonder if the game is pre-determined, based on which team would sell the most tickets should they go to the playoffs. (lakers/celtics? both top-seeded teams?) but alas.

i'm trying not to rewatch the last three minutes of that game, because it's just too sad.

i'm having lasik surgery on monday. part of me is horribly afraid that i'll be that one person who spends all that money to no avail. but most of me is ridiculously ecstatic to never have to put in another pair of contacts. (oh, except for those green ones i got with no prescription. i'm quite vain.) but it will be kind of amazing to wake up in the morning and be able to see the clock without putting contacts in. or to fall asleep in front of the tv and not worry about dry eyes or broken glasses.

i'm at work right now, so this is kind of disjointed because i keep stopping to help patients and forgetting what else i want to say on these subjects.

i always invest way too much into things (see first paragraph).

i'm ready to be done at work.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


so this is who i get to hang out with this weekend.

peace out, provo.