Saturday, May 24, 2008

i've been told that my blogs are depressing?


so i'm cheering it up today.

i registered for the hobble creek half marathon on 23 august. :) that should be... awesome. i just need to start running again. after the last race, i kind of took an inadvertant break from running, and haven't really been able to get back to my routine. it's not good. but i wrote down the mileage for each day on my calendar and i have 13 weeks from today to train. so it'll be good. going four today, so we'll see how that goes. :)

i miss my friends! for awhile i was hanging out with them like every day, and this week has been so boring! (except that i rediscovered the sims, so that rocked.)

speaking of... lasik was so crazy. seriously, everyone should get it. it's soso cool. it takes only like 5min per eye, and i was 20/20 within 24 hours of having it. it was kind of terrifying at first, because this dude was all, "okay i'm going to cut your eye..." but once it got started, i kind of forgot what was going on because it all goes black and then reallyyyyy fuzzy. so i didn't really know what he was doing. but then it worked apparently, because i can seeee :)

anyway, i'm at work again. working saturdays would be lame, except that today i get to work with gillian and brittany, so basically it'll be an awesome saturday. except that i woke up at 715am, which is not that fun.


  1. yay for running and yay for lasik. and sure wish you lived in brodie creek instead of condo row...

  2. no - sure wish you lived in fountain valley! :) love and miss you! you look fab in your facebook profile pic, by the way!

  3. I'm back!! Sort of. I'll be back around 5:00! Have you ever heard of this place called Cafe Rio? I've heard it's good. Maybe we should try it today. Call me when you are done with work.


  4. dogey, i tink your blogs are introspective, not sad :) besides, you were having sports-depression. it's only normal.

    sorry about working saturday, ugh. glad you didn't go blind from lasik!

  5. Allie! It's April Jolley! I just found your blog! I'm so excited you're running the Hobble Creek! I'm flying in to run it with Pam! Yeah! I'll get to see you! Congrats on the lasik... I never had the guts to get it done... you would think after working htere 6 years I would have... maybe I should've! Anyway, check out my little man Gavin... he's so cute!

  6. okay, so I just read over your blog and Allie I think I'm gonna love checking in often to read it... I was fully entertained by your postings... It's like having you to talk to while I steal a snack from the kitchen! Yeah!