Sunday, June 8, 2008

babies are difficult to shop for.

so yesterday i went to buy a present for eli, a new baby that i know. and let me tell you, buying boy baby clothes is so not as fun as buying girl baby clothes. (unless it's these, which i bought for boozie) but i ended up buying something really fantastic for kate, instead of eli, because there just was nothing for a boy baby. he would've been forced to wear some kind of strange romper with no sleeves (yikes.) that said "dad's construction worker" or something equally as ridiculous (double yikes.)

so, sorry eli. it's just not fair for you boy babies.

anyway. there is a nest of birds that live outside of my window, and every single morning at 5:30 or earlier, they think it is a very fun idea to scratch their little feet against the window and also crash into it. i am considering hiring a bounty hunter to alleviate the problem, as i haven't slept past 5:30 in three weeks. and that is extremely grim.

does anyone have advice on how to quell caffeine-addiction headaches? i'm quitting coke and have had a perpetual headache for three days.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

being a juror?

so this happened.
i have lived in utah for four years. and so far, in the last month i have been summoned three times for jury duty. three! but the trials kept getting cancelled, so then i was still on the list. apparently. so today was a real trial that i actually had to show up for! i'll admit it, i'm a nerd; i was a little excited. i mean, it seems a tiny bit cool, no? but then there were like fifty people there and i was pretty sure i wouldn't get picked...
but i did.


and the whole trial (even though i'm not supposed to talk about it...i'm not saying names or details though...) is about someone who may or may not have shoplifted a thing. which is weird, also, because this trial shenanigan seems like a lot of work for two packs of batteries.

so anyway. that's my experience with being a juror. i get to go back tomorrow for lots more sitting around fun! the trial parts are sort of cool, i think, but today i learned that lawyers take some seriouslyyyy long recesses.