Friday, February 20, 2009


i am guilty of some serious neglect to this blog. i have been a little crazy, but also i go through phases (see my fb note) and get bored of things. and i got bored of blogging. so i took a one-month hiatus, but now it's time for another list.

things that are awesome right now:
-i found a fantastic apartment. it's a little bit in the ghetto, but i'm from fresno, so i can handle it :) it's on 21st south, which means my dream of living in sugarhouse is finally coming true. i sign the lease this weekend.
-with this new apartment comes my own room! oh yes. it is cute and has room for a queen bed (and this bedding that i already bought: and a purple wall and a giant closet and a hookup for cable, so basically i'll probably never want to leave it. well, maybe sometimes.
-long beach, fresno, disneyland, price is right, hollywood. six days.
-kate speaking in full sentences last night. "i'm gonna sit in it like a chair."
-i get to hang out with emy and boozie in like two months.
-i am graduating in 63 DAYS! my last final EVER will be taken in less than two months!
-deron williams, last night against the celtics. oh yes.
-my tax refund is content in the bank. i didn't lose my check this year, so it's safely earning, oh, .05% interest. yay.
-i am graduating and i already have a job. even in the worst job market since the great depression.

things that are less awesome:
-the amount of times i have driven to salt lake in the last three weeks. a rough estimate: 15.
-having to start paying rent. and insurance. and all those other great things.
-the next six days are going to be intense, getting ready for my trip and getting all my homework done so i can do nothing while i'm gone.
-that midterm i have to take on tuesday.
-and then the one i have on thursday.

yay for life changes and new cars and awesome apartments and funny little nieces and strawberry lemonade crystal light. delicious.