Friday, August 29, 2008

making lists is what keeps me sane.

on the agenda of my life:

-signed up for snow canyon half marathon on 8 november. post-run celebration will be had with emily in las vegas. training began monday, so far is good. my stupid leg is still aching, but i just don't care anymore.
-football season starts tomorrow. my saturdays will now be consumed with running, work, and football. the end.
-to do: stop being invested.
-going to salt lake tonight. and maybe saturday night. and hopefully moving there because i'm sick of provo.
-i bought 47 textbooks for this semester. that is crazy. oh, english major...
-i wish it was 25 september so i could be on my way to long beach right now.

i'm very tired.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


here are some new things to add to the things that are cool list:
1) i got an internship as a sportswriter! i am SO stoked. i mean, it's not paid...but i can keep my current job and do this on the side. i am covering byu football for the season, and i'll have 3-4 articles every week with my very own byline! i can't even believe it.
a direct quote from my new boss: "did you know you were the only girl who applied for this job?" haha!
2) my long beach trip does not coincide with a football game, so i am going! and i get to eat the most amazing veggie burger. yesss.
3) i now have a sports blog. yes, i am a bit obsessive...but hey, if i can get writing exposure and maybe some money? i'll take that. and the jazz blog may get me one step closer to my ultimate life goal. (hint: it involves deron williams.) so check it out, click on an ad, make me some money? thanks :)
4) i made lasagna! which means that i can cook. which rocks. score.

so yeah. good things seriously outweigh less good things. oh, and i started reading some of my books for next semester, and they are awesome. read libra by don delillo. so interesting.

until next month.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


i am a terrible blogger. for that, i apologize.
i just never remember to do it. that, or nothing all that interesting happens to me?
you decide.

but i'm here, and ready to report on my life.
things that are cool:
1) i have an interview on thursday for an internship as a sportswriter. hello, best job ever.
meet deron williams? don't mind if i do.
2) i bought some new running shoes today, in hopes that they will inspire me to actually run again.
3) i have still two more weeks of summer, while my u and uvu-going friends start on MONDAY. yes, monday. very unfortunate.
4) i found a ticket to long beach for a ridiculously low price. best news? it's not on delta.
5) THE HILLS. enough said.

things that are less cool:
1) one of my very favorite places to visit is long beach. mainly because of the company (e&j, n,j&kg) but also because it is a very cheap airport to fly into (see good things #4) and because it is a fantastic place. the beach is amazing, lucilles bbq makes the most delicious veggie burger i have EVER eaten, etc. annnnd emily and jeff are moving back to fresno. so, no more long beach visits. boo.
2) i worked 45hrs last week. although, this may seem to semi-qualify in things that are cool, because of the overtime factor, i still don't like to be at work for that long. woof.
3) i am not running in hobble creek half marathon. injuries prevail. anyone know of a good half marathon in oct/nov?

so that's life right now.
cool things > less cool things.
seems pretty good.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

tahoe makes me think of mark twain and nostalgia.

this house we are staying in is very funny. it appears that the owner made some additions without really foreseeing what they would cause. example: there is a room on the very top level that has a slanted floor with carpet on it. oh, and there is also a sliding glass door that leads to, uh, the side of the house. like, you walk outside and drop two straight floors to the ground.

very strange. i was up there with my nephews, literally on edge that one of them would open the door. i had to bring them downstairs because of the stress it was causing, in fact.

but tahoe is lovely, and it's under 80 degrees, and i'm not at work. so life is good for me :)