Saturday, August 2, 2008

tahoe makes me think of mark twain and nostalgia.

this house we are staying in is very funny. it appears that the owner made some additions without really foreseeing what they would cause. example: there is a room on the very top level that has a slanted floor with carpet on it. oh, and there is also a sliding glass door that leads to, uh, the side of the house. like, you walk outside and drop two straight floors to the ground.

very strange. i was up there with my nephews, literally on edge that one of them would open the door. i had to bring them downstairs because of the stress it was causing, in fact.

but tahoe is lovely, and it's under 80 degrees, and i'm not at work. so life is good for me :)


  1. Oh, you are so lucky. You live the good life. What a funny house. Don't fall out!!!