Thursday, August 21, 2008


here are some new things to add to the things that are cool list:
1) i got an internship as a sportswriter! i am SO stoked. i mean, it's not paid...but i can keep my current job and do this on the side. i am covering byu football for the season, and i'll have 3-4 articles every week with my very own byline! i can't even believe it.
a direct quote from my new boss: "did you know you were the only girl who applied for this job?" haha!
2) my long beach trip does not coincide with a football game, so i am going! and i get to eat the most amazing veggie burger. yesss.
3) i now have a sports blog. yes, i am a bit obsessive...but hey, if i can get writing exposure and maybe some money? i'll take that. and the jazz blog may get me one step closer to my ultimate life goal. (hint: it involves deron williams.) so check it out, click on an ad, make me some money? thanks :)
4) i made lasagna! which means that i can cook. which rocks. score.

so yeah. good things seriously outweigh less good things. oh, and i started reading some of my books for next semester, and they are awesome. read libra by don delillo. so interesting.

until next month.


  1. yay for dogey! congrats on the new job. send us links when you go live. :)

  2. Wahoo! Congrats on the job! Make sure to post links to your articles on your blog.

    Yes, we do need to hang and soon. Wanna see "mama mia" when it hits the dollar theater? Get some grub, too? Maybe bring Nana along?

  3. what in the world? wow. good for you. do they pay for you to go to all the away games too? if not, how do you cover those?

  4. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! What an awes job. I second the question on the away game. If you need someone to go with you, you know who to call. Also would it be tacky if I invited myself you Mama Mia + grub??...yes, yes it would. Oops. Also, do you have plans tomorrow. I might be down in P-town...withdrawls. Or you could come back to my place...we have a couch and I have a real bed now. I probably should have just called because this comment is practically it's own blog...I'm stopping right now

  5. That was a lie. I just wanted to say sorry for all of the gramatical errors in the previous post. I should have proofread it. You are a bad.

  6. DOGE! This is a big secret to only be sharing in your blog. Yay for you! I'm so jel you'll be writing for a living. That and the sports is where you are officially leaving my life's path :)

    And I really didn't want to register for the Jazz fans theen because it would be kind of disingenuous, but if I did, this is the comment I would have left on your inaugural post:

    You say: "Maybe this will give the Jazz some much-needed cred in the NBA!"

    I say: HAHAHAHA.
    (Call me, Dwyane Wade!)