Tuesday, January 13, 2009

thank you to all of my life coaches. and to everyone who listened to me talk this thing to death. :)

and the final decision is.... stay!

yes, friends. i am remaining in provo for another few months and working a lot and trying to learn how to be better at saving money. because the thing is, if i can save more over the next couple, i can move to salt lake and not stress so much about finding a job so quickly. i can take my time and pay my rent and chill for a bit before figuring everything out. plus, then i'll be graduated and employers wouldn't have to work around my school schedule, which they clearly are not so keen on.

i hope hope hope i can find another apartment like this one though, because oh MAN it is perfect.

the other incentive to stay: i have vacation time this year that i can use for my two upcoming trips. one to long beach/fountain valley/fresno/hollywood/anaheim for my birthdayyyy and the second to MEXICO! ah, yes friends. the other fantastic piece of news is that for my graduation, my bestie is taking us on a cruise to mexico. oh man. she is pretty fantastic, to say the least :) we leave 24 may and return 29 may. i am so very excited!

so that's the plan. work for a few months, finish school and graduate, and then move. seems logical. getting my ducks in a row, and all that. sad, but logical and much safer in this job market. my dad would be so proud :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

what to do with my life, take two.

this might seem like a duplicate to a blog i posted a few months ago. but it's not; i'm just trying (again) to make a decision about my life.

i had pretty much decided that i was going to stay in provo for winter semester. finish my classes, work at my job for a couple more months, live out the provo scene until i graduate and move on. but for some reason, i kept looking at apartment listings online. most days, in fact. just to see what was available, i guess. and today i came across the most perfect apartment.

i mean, seriously. i had a list of requirements for my first post-college apartment. my parents told me i was severely limiting myself in my search because my heart is set on getting a kitty. i want an apartment that is pet-friendly, with a private balcony, under $550/month, and in either sugar house or downtown salt lake. yeah. seems impossible.

but then i found this listing online. and suddenly, i'm not sure what to do anymore! i feel like i won't find another one like this. it's ideal. so, back to square one. should i stay or should i go now?

pros of moving:
-live alone. andddd live in salt lake.
-two of three classes this semester are at the salt lake center. so my commute would be twice a week for school. i already commute to salt lake at least twice a week anyway.
-see my friends up there much more frequently.
-find a new ward, since mine is no good.
-get a kitty!

cons of moving:
-must find a new job, probably make less money until i graduate.
-more expenses (deposit, rent, furniture, etc.)
-have to quit job...ughhh.

pros of staying:
-keep my job, save more money.
-12 vacation days at work.
-not have to drive to provo on tues/thurs mornings.

cons of staying:
-stay with roommates who are loud and young.

i don't know. i guess i don't have to make any decisions until i see the apartment. but the prospect of such a huge change in my life is making my head spin.
i need to go to bed.