Tuesday, January 13, 2009

thank you to all of my life coaches. and to everyone who listened to me talk this thing to death. :)

and the final decision is.... stay!

yes, friends. i am remaining in provo for another few months and working a lot and trying to learn how to be better at saving money. because the thing is, if i can save more over the next couple, i can move to salt lake and not stress so much about finding a job so quickly. i can take my time and pay my rent and chill for a bit before figuring everything out. plus, then i'll be graduated and employers wouldn't have to work around my school schedule, which they clearly are not so keen on.

i hope hope hope i can find another apartment like this one though, because oh MAN it is perfect.

the other incentive to stay: i have vacation time this year that i can use for my two upcoming trips. one to long beach/fountain valley/fresno/hollywood/anaheim for my birthdayyyy and the second to MEXICO! ah, yes friends. the other fantastic piece of news is that for my graduation, my bestie is taking us on a cruise to mexico. oh man. she is pretty fantastic, to say the least :) we leave 24 may and return 29 may. i am so very excited!

so that's the plan. work for a few months, finish school and graduate, and then move. seems logical. getting my ducks in a row, and all that. sad, but logical and much safer in this job market. my dad would be so proud :)


  1. Good call. It will all work out. Might take a bit, but it will. Which bestie is taking you to Mexico? That is so great.

  2. perfect choice, that means more time of seeing ME! I sound selfish, but I am going to miss you like crazy when you move.