Thursday, January 15, 2015

28 and Pregnant.

In October, Chris and I took a trip to the East Coast to visit my sisters and see NYC (Chris has never been). Since he is studying civil engineering, he has a special interest in bridges and other unique structures, which there are plenty of in NYC. His professor also gave them an extra-credit assignment over fall break to take pictures of themselves with the class textbook in front of something cool that applies to civil engineering, and the best pic would get extra credit points. So we went all around the city to find the best bridges and took pictures with Chris and his book in front of them. It was such a fun trip. Then after a few days there and in New Jersey, we drove to North Carolina to spend a few days with my other sister. Super fun.

When we got back, I found out that I was pregnant! It was perfect timing, because the first trimester was super tough and I am so glad I wasn't sick on the trip. It would have ruined it completely. I am now almost 18 weeks along, and the sickness comes and goes. In the first trimester it was pretty much nonstop, so it's getting better but still not totally gone. I have also been able to exercise a little bit in the past few weeks, which I couldn't do at all at first, so that has been great.

Almost six years ago, my roommate found out she was pregnant and it was pretty crazy. She was going to be a single mom, which she knew would be really tough, but she went through with it and had her little boy five years ago today. I lived with her until her son was about three, so I have a really close relationship with both of them. I have seen firsthand how tough it is to have a baby, so I feel like I am a little bit more prepared than someone who hasn't ever lived with a newborn. During her pregnancy, MTV started the series "16 and Pregnant" and my roommate and I would watch it together every week.

Since I found out I was pregnant, I started recording every episode of 16 and Pregnant to "get ready." Chris thinks this is a very strange thing to do, since we are not 16, but I am so interested in the stories of these girls. I am happy that I have a stable relationship and home to bring this little girl into, but it still feels scary and overwhelming to know that I am going to be completely in charge of this tiny person.