Thursday, January 19, 2017

18 months

It's crazy how quickly time flies as an adult, and even more so as a parent. My little baby is now an 18-month-old toddler who looks for ways to make us laugh, sneaks into her room to get her paci out of her bed, and runs around at full speed as much as she possibly can. She loves to play with her friends at day care and isn't quite sure about sharing her toys with younger kids at church.

  • Weight: 21.38 pounds (9th percentile), length: 31 inches (55th percentile)
  • 18-month well child check went well! She paraded around the exam room while we waited for the doctor and was pretty cooperative for the exam. She is a little shy around people she doesn't know, but tends to warm up pretty quickly. She cried when they gave her the vaccine but it's her last one (aside from annual flu shots) until she's 4!
  • She is a fantastic sleeper when she's in her routine. Every night we put her pajamas on, read 3 books, brush her teeth, and say goodnight. But outside of her routine (in the car, at church, etc.) is a no go and she will fight sleep. 
  • We got rid of the paci during the day, so she only gets it at night in her crib. She was totally fine with it until the last week or so, and she has started taking it out of her crib and holding it SO tight when we try to take it. When we do get it away from her, she has a meltdown. I plan to take it away completely soon but I don't have the heart to do it yet because she loves it so much.
  • She started walking at the end of October and has completely mastered that skill. Now she's on to running.
  • T is a total chatterbox. She tries to say so many different words and right now can say about 35-40 different ones. She learns new ones every day and also fills in the silence with a lot of stuff we can't understand.
  • Her favorite toys right now are my Beanie Babies from when I was younger. We found the two cat ones that my parents saved for me, along with a whole box of other animals (with the tags carefully preserved in case they were ever worth a lot, ha ha!) and she likes to have those in the car. She also loves petting Sully, and started saying Sully a little while ago. She now thinks all cats are named Sully.
  • Her hair is getting so long. It's funny to look back on pictures when she was so bald. When her hair is wet, her bangs go to the top of her nose. She really needs a haircut but I'm nervous about how she will do with it.
  • She is still in size 3 diapers. We bumped her up to size 4 when we ran out of our last pack of size 3, but they were too big and stuck up way above her pants. So still size 3 for now!
Being her mom is the hardest and most wonderful thing I've ever done!