Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Well, I've been running 2-3 times a week for the last month and it's going well. I have some weird knee pain when I bend my legs certain ways, but they don't hurt at all when I'm running, so I have self-diagnosed it as a problem with my new mattress. It's pretty plush and I sleep on my stomach, so I think that somehow I am hyper-extending or twisting them in the night, since I was waking up every morning with horrible pain that would slowly diminish throughout the day. I started putting a pillow under my ankles and it has helped a ton.

Anyway, back to running. I am up to 3 miles, and aside from one tougher run this week, it's been great. I feel so much better about myself and everything in my life when I am able to run. I planned out my 12-week half marathon training plan for a race on June 21, and then the next day, I got a wedding invitation from my cousin for the same day. It's a cousin who I have only met a handful of times, so it wouldn't be the worst thing if I didn't make it. I am still trying to decide what to do. The race is put on by my work, so the entry fee was pretty low, and it is an annual event so I can always run it another year...and I was already feeling hesitant about trying to increase my mileage so much after coming back from injury...

But I am still not totally decided. So I am going to keep training and see how things go. And find out which of my other cousins are going to the wedding, since that may play a big role in whether I go or not :)

In other news, we had a chocolate fountain at my work today to celebrate one year in our new office building. The past week and a half have been very difficult at work, so this was a fun break. We switched to an entirely different software program that basically impacts a huge number of our jobs, and it has not been easy. The software has crashed every single day since it launched. So I am ready for the weekend.