Saturday, May 2, 2009

my new life.

well, i still don't have internet. but lucky for me, i worked/am working 48 hours this week, so i have had plenty of time to catch up on my internet addictions. one day i'll get internet in my apartment. maybe.

so here's what happened to me since i last blogged.

1. i moved to a new apartment in salt lake. according to the voter registration, it is technically in south salt lake (or SoSaLa, as the city officials are trying to rename it) but i maintain that it's just regular slc. so that's cool. i have a rad apartment, two super fun roommates, and a balcony from which we watched a high-speed police chase this week.
2. i graduated from college! i wasn't too excited for the commencement, but it actually turned out to be really cool. the part where we all stood up and they conferred the degrees was really awesome, especially. and i never have to go to school again, which is pretty fantastic.
3. i ran in the salt lake half marathon again last weekend, and it was the best race i have ever done! the first 11 miles were so great; i ran the whole time and felt awesome. the last two were medium, because they were up a hill, but i finished and even took 18 mins off my time from last year, which is pretty exciting.
4. along with that, i signed up for the st. george marathon, which is really kind of terrifying. i find out 11 may whether or not i got in, so if i did - i will have to start training immediately.
5. i got to sit lower bowl for a jazz/lakers playoff game. besides the time i sat in the eighth row, it was the greatest day ever. being in the vicinity of deron williams it just fantastic, even though they lost and are now out of the playoffs. awesome.
6. i have had a cruise to mexico booked with my best friend since like september. and of course now is when this epidemic of illness sweeps mexico. and when we called to see if we could cancel, we were kindly informed that if we cancel now, no refunds will be given. so virtually she spent a month's rent on a cruise that we may or may not get to take. they will probably re-route our cruise, but what if someone who is sick gets on? ugh. i'm not happy about it. stupid pigs.
7. i'm sick of hearing about swine flu. beyond sick, actually. if one more person comes into work and tells me they think they have it, i am going to punch them right in the face. getting fired would be worth it.
8. i am getting a free red mango as soon as i get off work today. red mango with pineapple and fruity pebbles is the most delicious treat i have ever had.

being grown up and working full-time and paying for insurance is not all it's cracked up to be.