Friday, August 29, 2008

making lists is what keeps me sane.

on the agenda of my life:

-signed up for snow canyon half marathon on 8 november. post-run celebration will be had with emily in las vegas. training began monday, so far is good. my stupid leg is still aching, but i just don't care anymore.
-football season starts tomorrow. my saturdays will now be consumed with running, work, and football. the end.
-to do: stop being invested.
-going to salt lake tonight. and maybe saturday night. and hopefully moving there because i'm sick of provo.
-i bought 47 textbooks for this semester. that is crazy. oh, english major...
-i wish it was 25 september so i could be on my way to long beach right now.

i'm very tired.


  1. i don't know, i think bronco would want you to be fully invested. :)

  2. oh ya, and how come you never title your blog postings?

  3. GET SOME PICTURES GIRL! I want to see your beautitul face!!! LOVE YA

  4. Man, I love buying 47 books.