Saturday, September 13, 2008

form vs. function

i love being an english major. seriously. it is pretty fantastic. mainly because i get to read amazing books and that's my homework! but also because english professors are hilarious. for example: in my grammar 325 class, my professor actually says things like "it feels adverb-y to me" or "functionally, this is an adjective, but i just think it's more verbish." yeah. i crack up all day long in that class. most people probably wouldn't find this as funny as i do? but it's hilarious.

also, my job is amazing. the one that i do for free. i lovelove researching football for a job. it makes me seriously want to work at espn or maybe just keep this job forever. i can write for basketball season too, guys! just a heads up.

and here are some things i think you should do right now:
-download the new joshua radin cd. i have been listening to it on repeat since i bought it on 8 september. amaaazing. only, don't buy the album version of "sky." instead, buy the single featuring ingrid michaelson, because it is 400% better.
-buy me a plane ticket to go to oregon for thanksgiving. they are too much money and it is seriously bumming me out. i may or may not have a credit with delta. but calling those people is absolutely the last thing i want to do. so, another thing you could do? call delta and book my flight :) with that credit. thanks.
-tell me how to not dwell on things. i like to meet people who don't care about things the way i do. so if you're one of those people, let's hang out. i need some tips, because my own ideas don't seem to be working.

i am really excited for a new season of the office. and for the football game today. go cougs. and for LONG BEACH. yes.


  1. oh doges maloges. you crack me up. did you hear we're coming for thanksgiving now? i thought you already had a ticket coming on wed eve, no?

  2. yeah...i haven't bought it yet. i keep thinking maybe they'll get cheaper. what made you guys change your minds about thanksgiving? :)

  3. well, we never had decided to not come. we were just trying to not spend money in case trav doesn't have a job in dec. i kept looking for cheap tickets tho. then poopsie said he might use some of his miles to buy one of our tickets. so then if we only have to buy 1 it seems more do-able. yay.

  4. aw chica...i wish i could buy you a plane! ;) i like your comments about your english prof! ha ha ha!