Wednesday, June 4, 2008

being a juror?

so this happened.
i have lived in utah for four years. and so far, in the last month i have been summoned three times for jury duty. three! but the trials kept getting cancelled, so then i was still on the list. apparently. so today was a real trial that i actually had to show up for! i'll admit it, i'm a nerd; i was a little excited. i mean, it seems a tiny bit cool, no? but then there were like fifty people there and i was pretty sure i wouldn't get picked...
but i did.


and the whole trial (even though i'm not supposed to talk about it...i'm not saying names or details though...) is about someone who may or may not have shoplifted a thing. which is weird, also, because this trial shenanigan seems like a lot of work for two packs of batteries.

so anyway. that's my experience with being a juror. i get to go back tomorrow for lots more sitting around fun! the trial parts are sort of cool, i think, but today i learned that lawyers take some seriouslyyyy long recesses.


  1. whoa! i've still never done jury duty. crazy. 2 packs of batteries? how funny. wonder what his/her sentence will be for that. i think the jury sets the sentence too. good luck w that.

  2. Five years minimum.
    Do the the time.

  3. Me neither! I really really hope I get to do jury duty before/if I leave Chatham County for good.

    Also, all I ever learned about the law is from Law & Order: SVU, and they RARELY take recesses. There's just not time when the murderers are still out there.

    Dogey, you always end up with a lot of shenans in your life. Why is that?