Sunday, March 30, 2008

snow? really?

today is a gray and very snowy day in utah. which makes me infinitely sad, because my best friends live in southern california and have taken this moment to tell me that there, it is currently 64 degrees. and also it makes me sad because last week, it was 68 degrees on wednesday and i didn't even wear a jacket to my night class.

utah it very teasing. it is almost april and it is snowing. that is so terribly grim.

so instead of dwelling on the gray-ness of today, or on texas getting wasted by memphis, i (on a recommendation from another blog) have decided to make a list of things i really like about today. maybe that will help today to be better.

-psycho-t owning the second half of that game last night.
-a new 12-pack of diet coke in my fridge.
-whole seasons of 24.
-keeping up with ashley for almost the whole eight miles yesterday.
-learning about punctuation in usage and finally knowing (somewhat) how to use a dash (em, en, or otherwise)
-these awesome new shoes i bought. (
-new roommates in three weeks.
-skype chats with long beach.

so it is a pretty good day, regardless of the snow.


  1. Cute little dogey. I read this post before I had watched the Memphis-Texas game. . .guh. that's the problem with not watching games live. Did I tell you I switched from diet coke to diet pepsi? GASP. i know--it surprises me every time i pop open the can--for some reason it just tastes better to me right now. Good yob on your eight miles. I ran four yesterday and am very sore.

  2. Cude new shoes :) and fun blog! We miss you! I wish I had a 12 pack in my fridge. Hopefully there will be a good sale this week... love you!

  3. Shmal- Mention the OTHER team from North Carolina on my blog again and you will get it! SIT DOWN SAM!

  4. i love doge's blogs. fun fun.

  5. cude shoes! and woot woot on psycho t!