Sunday, April 20, 2008

13.1 miles

so this morning, i ran my very first half-marathon. it was pretty much the hardest/most awesome thing i've ever done. i don't have any pictures of it yet, but in 72 hours some [really really ugly, i'm sure] photos will be on, and i will share. until then, a detailed log of my day will follow.

5:15am-alarm ringing, dad coughing lots. my thoughts: i want to go home, why did i sign up for this?
6:45am-waiting in the longest line i have ever seen for disgusting bathroom.
7:00am-starting gun goes off.
7:10am-cross the starting line. [i was toward the back of the 16,000 runners]
7:15-8:30am-miles 1-7, rockin to my new playlist on my pod.
8:30-9:00am-miles 8-9, stopped to eat some sport jelly beans and drink some water, didn't want to start running again. walked for awhile.
9:00-9:25am-miles 10-11, mostly running with some intermittant walking when i got too tired.
9:25-9:45am-mile 12-13, wanted to kill myself, seriously contemplated riding trax to the finish line, first marathon finishers passing me. awesome.
9:45-9:50am-last .1 of race, lots of people, felt like it was at least 3 miles long.
9:55-10:15am-they made me walk a longgg way to turn in my chip, then i cut through the barrier and found parents, took more pictures [even uglier, i imagine], legs felt like they were on fire.

so that was my first half-marathon experience. it really was quite spectacular though. i can say that, now that it's over :) but i could see myself doing another one. and probably going through the exact same emotions the morning of the race.


  1. Woot! Congrats! That is something I've always wanted to do, but just just never had the discipline. Yet... that's seriously awesome. Hope you're not too sore!

  2. yay for dogey! next time can i play too?

  3. dogey, it's just amazing, really. good for you! what was going on with dad and the coughing? mff?

  4. Congrats! You are awesome. Way to go Doge!

  5. wow - that is so cool. you have come so far from your hate of running to a half marathon! i admire you so much! good yob!