Thursday, July 10, 2008


so for $88, today i will be flying here:

to hang out with this girl for her 22nd birthday.

how awesome is that?
oh, i know.
oh, and we'll be residing here for the next three nights.

i love my life.

anyway, in other news, i am officially running again. which is good because the hobble creek half is in approximately 44 days and i am only to about 4miles so far... yikes. my stupid leg is being very dumb and decides to start aching at mile 2, which is quite annoying. but maybe when i get back, it will have healed itself. :)

also, i'm going river rafting/camping on 24 july, which is pretty awesome/terrifying. i have never really been camping before, as i was raised in a household where hotels were always the way to go. but i think it will be fun, partly because of the presence of this one boy...

well, i'm at work so i should probably actually do some work.
okay, peace out.


  1. how fun. make sure to shop it up for me since you like shopping now. :) also, which "one boy" is this? and where are you camping and with whom? make sure to kick a tree with your leg and get launched out of the raft to remind you of poopsie. :)

  2. gotta love cheap plane tickets. we just wish the cheap plane ticket was taking you to the bbq in nc instead of lv. but you'll have a great time. don't die of heat stroke there.

  3. fun! hope you have a blast! love and miss you lots! but see you in like 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Have a good time! Hope there are not additional shenans with travel :)