Saturday, July 18, 2009

i got a new job. i now work for the IHC sandy clinic. my official job title is office coordinator, although that makes it sound like i have a lot of responsibilities. mostly what i do is schedule surgeries for the two plastic surgeons, one oculoplastic surgeon, and one general surgeon. in my spare time, i am learning how to code office visits and procedures for the plastic surgeon, and enter all of his surgeries for the past six months into a website called tops. it's a pretty great job, but mostly i'm hoping that he's going to decide to turn me into his walking advertisement for all the awesome surgeries he does. the best part is that i got my first paycheck yesterday, and it was both direct deposited and way more than i got at my old job.

living in salt lake is probably my favorite thing. only driving 15 minutes to work (versus 45) is pretty fantastic, and being able to go for long runs in liberty park with tons of other runners is so great. i never thought i'd be a fan of utah, but clearly that was before i knew how great salt lake really is.

the only thing missing is a kitty. reading alitris' post about kitties and doggies made me realize how much i really do want a cat. i think it'll have to wait though, because my roommate is not a fan of any sort of animal in her living space, and i think it might create a problem for both me and the cat if i were to keep it in my closet.

i officially have 12.62 hours of PTO, so my next trip is in the process of being planned. as soon as i have a free plane ticket from my credit card points, someone in my family is getting a houseguest!


  1. henry votes oregon, please.

    and glad you like your new job.

  2. new jersey is the funnest of all your options, most definitely. come on. sister pics.