Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What a Week.

So, last week was kind of insane. Last Saturday I woke up with a stomachache that got progressively worse until I was rolling around on the bed in pain and husband took me to Instacare. They couldn't see anything, but it was right lower quadrant pain so they sent me to the ER to rule out appendicitis. Fast forward to eight hours later... One CT scan and two ultrasounds showed very normal organs. So, that was really weird, and a bummer of a Saturday.

Then, two days later, I had surgery on my eye. I had LASIK 5 years ago, and it was super awesome and fab, but my vision has changed enough since then that I had to get a little revision. It was not quite as easy this time around, and I was practically crying on my way to work on Thursday because it was so sensitive to light and I couldn't see anything. But, now it's a lot better, so I'm not quite as dramatic about the whole experience.

This past Saturday, I basically did all the fun activities I'd planned for the last Saturday (which got ruined by the random pain bursts), except we didn't get to go to the water park because I wasn't allowed to get swimming pool water in my eye. But we did go see Jobs (which was medium), then watch football and eat 1.5 large buckets of popcorn, and then I got to have dinner with one of my favorite Provo friends, Ashley! She is due with her first baby (her due date is today, actually!) and it was so fun to catch up and hear all about her life these days.

I couldn't exercise for 5 days after the procedure, but I'm back on the wagon. I went and did an hour on the stationary bike while husband mowed his parents' lawn on Saturday. Then I did a 3 mile run on Monday morning - husband's parents neighborhood does a Labor Day breakfast and fun run every year, so that was really awesome. Kind of like a free 5K (almost).

I signed up for this race so I'm working on getting back to being a long distance runner. The longest I've run since June is 6 miles....so it could be tough. But I'm glad I can use my running schedule as my part-time job, since husband will be gone a LOT this semester!

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