Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Fun.

Well, I saw the doctor last Monday and he diagnosed plantar fasciitis and a heel muscle strain, so they casted me for orthotics and I can't run for 3 months. I was really sad about it, but I'm coming around and just hoping that by the end of the 3 months, it'll be feeling better and I'll be able to get back to my routine.

On Friday I went to Provo for an eye appointment and saw lots of my old work friends, like Ashley and Pam and Megan, which is always fun. Then I met up with Janae, which to me felt like eating froyo with a celebrity, but she is really sweet and fun even though she is famous :)

Photo cred: Janae, and the Yogurtland employee

Saturday was super busy - gym, Target, took Caesar to get a microchip, made sugar cookies, sushi, went to a BYU/Utah basketball game.

Sunday was mostly normal, except that the fire alarm went off at church twice and then the fire department showed up and it was pretty crazy. There wasn't really a fire. Oh, and my mom gave me this awesome bottle of essential oil Christmas spray that she made for me, and I put it in my purse and somehow it came unscrewed so now everything in my purse smells like Christmas.

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  1. Janae is kind of a big deal. ;) Glad you had fun on your fro yo date. We should definitely get together for dinner ASAP.