Tuesday, May 27, 2014

plantar fasciitis is a four-letter word.

Well, I'm just going along in life, complaining about being busy and being happy that I am running again, and BOOM.

Plantar fasciitis rears its ugly head again.

The doctor warned me that it can flare up at any time, and I might be able to run a lot with no pain, or I might run a tiny amount and suddenly feel it again. So, apparently he was right. I am trying to figure out if there is any option (besides another shot in my foot, yikes that was brutal) like maybe wearing a walking boot or something so that I can at least walk around at work and for things I have to do, without being in so much pain. I'm not sure if that's really something they do, but I am trying everything I can. I'm taking some time off from running, but I want to stay active with biking, swimming, weight training, etc. I am just frustrated with this.

Especially because my #1 favorite 5K is coming up next weekend and it doesn't look like I'll be able to do it. It is the best race ever because husband proposed to me at the finish line, it is one of the first 5K's I ever ran when I started running, it costs $8 and includes a huge bag of candy (it's sponsored by Nestle), and they give away tons of prizes at the end! I've never won anything at it, but the same year that Chris proposed, my dad won a new TV! So I am so sad to not be running it with my parents this year. I didn't run it last year either because it was the day after my grandpa passed away. So sad.

But I am trying to be positive and not lay around and cry all day. I got a Fitbit so I am going to work hard on sticking to the diet plan that it gives, to try to lose weight and ease up on the pressure on my poor foot. My usual tactic is to just become very lazy and mad at everyone, but that's not really working out for me... I am also doing anything and everything I can to help with the symptoms- ice, night splinting, etc. Fingers crossed!


  1. Are you doing what I suggested and icing ALL the way up the calf? Tall five gallon bucket works for me. If that and massage using a hard rubber ball (lacrosse ball is good) on the bottom of the foot isn't working, well, I don't know what to tell you. Other than lazy and mad won't cut it. :)

    1. I have been doing the 5-gallon bucket icing! I had been using a tennis ball but I am going to get a lacrosse ball to try that. Thanks for the tips. I appreciate it!

  2. trav used to have plantar fasciitis horribly and then read born to run and decided to try strengthening his feet by going barefoot as much as possible and otherwise wearing minimalist or zero drop shoes. it totally cured his problem. maybe worth a shot? good luck!