Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Love.

I LOVE the summer. There are so many things about it that make me so happy- swimming, long days, barbecuing everything we eat, having picnics outside, and lots of ice cream. It's always a little bit of a heartbreak when it's coming to an end, because I feel like I didn't do enough to take advantage of the summer. Last summer was really different because I had just had T at the end of June so I was recovering from the c-section and not really wanting to take her out to pools, water parks, etc. So this summer was a lot more fun!

Last weekend we went to Cowabunga Bay, a local water park, and had a blast. Chris' parents joined us and loved seeing Thea splash around. She is such a little water baby now, which is crazy because when we first switched her into the full-size bathtub, she screamed and freaked out for a couple weeks straight. Now she can't get enough, splashing and playing and crawling through the shallow parts. We took her on one slide and it scared her, but hopefully we can squeeze in a couple more trips to the water park to get her more used to them before the summer is officially over.

We haven't gone to any parks with her yet, but she's finally at the age now where I think she would have fun. Our neighborhood has a little playground within walking distance so we will plan to take her there so she can crawl and climb to her heart's content. She also loves to swing!

T is also talking up a storm these days! A lot of what she says still is hard to understand, but my heart swelled with pride when she learned how to say cat! Now she says it over and over when she sees Caesar or Sully and it is honestly one of my absolute favorite things she has ever done. She still doesn't want to walk- although when we were on vacation last weekend with Chris' family, his mom and sister said she took a couple steps on her own while we were gone shopping. So that is crazy, and it could be here before we know it. Other words she says are: wow, uh-oh, no (that's a fun one, especially when I'm trying to get her to eat), and this.

We have loved our current child care situation for while C and I are working, but unfortunately it didn't quite work out as well as we hoped, so we found a new one and she will start there on Monday. She went there for two days in July when my babysitter was out of town, and it went really well, so I'm hoping it will be a smooth transition and the last time we have to switch her care provider!

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