Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well, I've been doing this thing I always do after a race, where I talk myself out of staying on my running schedule. Skipped my long run last week, went to the movies instead. Stayed in bed yesterday morning, had to cut my run short in the evening. I just feel like if I don't have an upcoming big race, I totally slack off.

But I did get in 4 miles yesterday after work, so that was good. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for church camp, and I'll be there until Friday. There will be some hikes and other opportunities to get some exercise, but I'm kind of taking a break from WW this week because I won't be able to calculate PP of any of the things we'll be eating. My weight has plateaued over the past few weeks, but I know it's because I have been going way over my allowed PP every week. So I'm lucky I haven't gained.

I'm having trouble with calculating activity PP. I use this calculator: http://www.exercise4weightloss.com/activity-points-calculator.html which works very well, but I can never figure out if my runs are moderate or heavy. I am definitely more of a jogger than a runner, and since I run longer distances, I generally try to stick to a pace where I'm not breathing too heavily, so that I can maintain for the full run. So that makes me think that I should calculate as moderate, but when I was doing that, I was losing like 3-4 lb per week, which I know is a lot faster than they recommend. But high effort seems like too many points for jogging. Anyone out there do Weight Watchers and have any tips?

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