Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Double 10K Recap!

Oh, what a crazy few weeks it's been at my house. About a month ago, our condo ceiling collapsed in the utility room with the furnace and water heater. Mind you, this is the third flood we've had in the condo since May. So we are beyond fed up with it all. Finally getting around to trying to get it fixed (now that husband is done with finals) and no one is calling me back!

Aside from that, some of my family was in town the week before last, which was super fab. My sister and I ran the Deseret Classic (her: half marathon, me: 10K) which is supposed to be a PR course since it's all downhill. It was pretty fun, but it runs on the parade route (24th of July is a big holiday in Utah, with a GIANT parade that people camp out on the streets of downtown SLC to see) so it was interesting to run a race among spectators who are asleep, eating breakfast, smoking, or otherwise ignoring the runners :)


My sister:

Spent some time in Park City that weekend with Chris's family, then went camping last weekend for one night and rafted the Snake River. Came back for the SheRuns 10K in Midway, which is a fun little Swiss-themed town about 45 minutes north of SLC. Drove up with my running friend, and realized that this is a VERY small race. Maybe about 40 people running the 10K, and about 60 running the 5K. So I was a little worried about being at the back, but they assured us that the course was very well marked, and there would be people at every turn to help guide. Which there were...for the 8 minute mile runners. Those of us bringing up the rear had no signs and no people, so I ended up running about a 7K because I had no idea which way to go. It was really frustrating, because I felt like I was unintentionally cheating. So, until I run 8 minute miles, I guess I'm sticking to bigger races that have longer distances along with them.


  1. Just keep running races at all! Not all small races are geared toward just the fast people. Glad you guys got to do that race "together", too. That's awesome. Sorry about the condo...I know that's been brutal.

    But I want more info on the "rafting the Snake" thing. I did it back when I was 15, but I was young and dumb and that was so long ago now.

  2. Thanks Donnie! It was fun to finally run together :) Rafting the snake is SO much fun. My cousin's husband's family does it every year so they have their own raft and gear, and he guides it. It has a bunch of pretty big rapids, but also has calm parts where you can get out and swim or jump off the rocks into the river. So awesome!

  3. good times at the deseret marathon classic :)