Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My arms almost fell off.

Two Saturdays ago I went to a different spin class than I normally do. The spin teachers at my regular gym rotate every other week, and one is good and the other plays horrible music and is silent the whole time. So I decided to switch it up and go to another gym on the week when the not-so-good teacher is there. Let me tell you, this teacher nearly killed me! I should have known something was up when she walked in and her arms were killer. Sign #1. Sign #2 was that several people in the class asked where the coldest part of the room was (as in where the most fans would be hitting you at all times) and luckily for me, I was parked on the coldest bike. And the 3rd sign was that she told us she was teaching a 6am spin class on Thanksgiving. Crazy, I tell you.

So the class started out normally, with some jumps and hills and whatnot. The music was medium; she found some odd techno remixes of old rock songs, but then mixed in some new songs too. But then she started getting crazy and forcing the class to do hundreds of bike push-ups and arm raises and arm crosses and all sorts of other arm things and mine were on fire.


I will not be at the class at 6am on Thanksgiving, but I am thinking that if I ever want awesome arms, I will have to make this class part of my rotation!

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