Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One month old!

  • Haven't weighed her in awhile but I can tell she is growing because she fills out her onesies better and her socks actually fit (sort of)
  • She has blue eyes (like mama) and brown hair on the back from when she was born, but I think the hair growing in on top is starting to lighten.
  • She is a very sweet baby. She cries when she is hungry (and boy can she let me know when she is hungry) or when she needs to burp. Otherwise she is pretty content to just hang out in the Boppy, bouncy seat, swing, etc. 
  • She is not a fan of her car seat. She will fall asleep in it when we are out and about (unless she is hungry) but as soon as we get home, she will wake up within a few minutes of still being in it. It also makes her sooo sweaty.
  • She doesn't seem to notice the cats much. Sully doesn't care much about her either - he will stay asleep on his bed when she is right next to him crying. Caesar seems to worry more about her and will come in when she is crying to smell her head and meow at us to make sure we know she needs something.
  • She is getting super strong - can almost hold her head up on her own and loves to kick, keep her legs straight, and kind of stand up when I hold her or sit her up to burp.
  • She eats about every 3 hours. I nurse her on both sides first, where she usually gets about 3/4-1 oz, then she will have a bottle of 3 oz of formula. She tends to fall asleep during feedings so we are still working on that. It happens more during the day than at night.
  • Sleep is going well, she typically sleeps 4-6 hours when I first put her down (usually around 11pm) and then another 3ish hours after that feeding. She isn't a super great napper in the day, maybe 1-2 hours max at a time, but this is also probably because she isn't finishing the full feeding so she wakes up sooner to eat more.
  • She doesn't always want to be in her bed, so during the day she often naps on the couch in her Boppy next to me.
  • She sleeps in a cradle in our room, but I anticipate moving her into her crib in her room within the next few weeks since she is only waking once per night.
  • Still wearing newborn diapers and newborn clothes, jammies. We have tried a couple pairs of newborn shoes but she always kicks them off because they are too big.
  • Mama is doing well also - since she sleeps well, I don't usually take naps in the day. C-section scar is healing well and overall I feel about 75%. I still have some pain and soreness when I do too much. I REALLY want to sleep on my stomach again but every time I try, I get a little sore and my body tells me it's not quite ready yet. No exercise until 6 weeks after the surgery, but I am looking forward to getting active again. We will also start going for walks with her in the stroller once it cools off a bit.

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