Friday, October 3, 2008

general wonderment.

so, i've realized a lot over the past month.

it's kind of ridiculous, because the event that brought on this period of self-awareness was the last thing i expected. and reaction to said event was even less expected. i have realized much. i know this is probably maddeningly vague, but i'm trying not to ever think about that one guy ever again. so it's best not to dwell. :)

just wanted to put an update out. i'm figuring it out. it's okay. or, it's getting to be.

in other news, i still love my internship. a lot. even though byu kind of sucked it up last night... yikes. out of the top 10 tomorrow for sure.

so i went seven last night and it was pretty fantastic. i ran at the track which was sort of weird, but it's like old blue carpet, which supposedly is better for my poor broken bones. countdown: five weeks to race. yikes. two of my friends at work are running st. george right now, which brings me to my next point. assuming no more injuries (i'm serious, tibia.) i am running a marathon next year! emy and have decided on nashville (april 09). looking at hal higdon's training schedule makes me kind of nauseated, but also kind of thrilled. a healthy balance.

i've figured out my school schedule for next semester. my LAST SEMESTER EVER of college. wow. how is it that i only will have 9 credits and yet be busier than any other semester? seems weird. college is weird.

i'm going to salt lake tonight. i seem to spend less and less time in provo.
i don't really mind.

sorry this is so ridiculously boring. look for more football this week.


  1. yipyip, yippy for nashville 09.

  2. and good yob on your first titled blog post ever...

  3. haha thanks, but i actually went through and titled them all :) yippy for salt lake 09! haha.

  4. Allie,
    your cute! I hope your doing ok... we need to hang out and catch up on your life. Seems like alot has been going on. If only you would come to work! Any ways, love ya and miss you girl. P.s. where are you pirctures?