Wednesday, October 22, 2008


so i was cleaning my room, while a disc of seinfeld was playing on my laptop...
i look up from folding laundry to see this:

(sorry about the low quality.)

but i literally started laughing. hysterically. because if you've ever heard kate try to say "pahhdon" you would understand.
or, if you are a member of my family.

so that was my night. also, i'm very very excited for sac this weekend. it will be amazing to get out of freezing provo for awhile. i ran in the canyon tonight and very nearly froze.
grim, indeed.

in other news, i'm starting to be over the debacle of thursday night. that's good. but it's bittersweet because the end result is still the same. poor cougs. they need to learn some new plays.

i can't think of anything interesting to say in blogs anymore. except that i applied for graduation yesterday, which is enormous news. awesome and terrifying at the same time. someone tell me what to do with my life after college. i'm not making decisions anymore, because i make bad ones. for real.


  1. Have a fun weekend! I'm taking off too, but it's to Cedar City, so I won't be escaping the cold. :(

    I missed you tonight. Next time.

  2. The typical thing to do after college is a) get a job or b) more college. Most do (a), but (b) is fine. It's kind of a tough call, but it's okay to make it yourself. There's no bad choice here. :-)

  3. I wish someone would have laid it out so clearly for me as Donnie Barnes has for you. Sound advice, but I will make one revision to option a) and one to option b): a) get a job in Salt Lake City. b) more college at the U of U. Since no self respecting Coug wants to go to the U. You should pick my option a). I do not believe in agency like Donnie does. Sorry girl.