Thursday, October 30, 2008


so, i'm not the biggest fan of halloween. i think it's kind of weird, i don't love dressing up, and i hate being scared...
this cake makes halloween so worthwhile.

yep. it's a cake.
reactions at work:
dr cook was dying laughing. seriously. he kept bringing his patients into the kitchen to see it.
this girl got a texted picture of it and said: what the heck? is that a litterbox? why is it on the kitchen table?
this other girl said: we should put it in the corner of the waiting room with bowls and a sign that says help yourself.
oh man. it was pretty fantastic/disgusting.


  1. and I don't even get a shout out... :(

    I forgive you! I'm glad it was such a hit. It always is.

  2. I want the recipe for this... will you post it? I wish I were at work to see this! I can just picture Dr. Cook bringing in his patients to see it! Hilarious!

  3. Buck Nast!

    What the heck is in diquon?