Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Haunted Half

So, back in August, my friend and I decided it would be a good idea to sign up for a half marathon in October, since both of us were struggling with motivation, and a race always helps with that. Well, fast forward to the week of the race, and boy were we cranky about it. It was almost like someone had forced us into doing it, instead of the truth, which is that we paid our own money to sign up. Neither of us had trained as much as we wanted, and with interruptions to normal life like vacations, getting sick, work trips, and dog sitting, we just didn't feel ready. But it was SO much better than I thought!

Bald...always a good look!

So in Utah, there are a lot of really pretty canyons that people like to run down. This race started with a bus ride to the top of Emigration Canyon, which is close to downtown. It was pretty chilly up there, but considering that it could have been snowing, we counted ourselves lucky that it was 40 degrees. The first 7 miles were downhill, so I was making good time. Then the course turned near the University of Utah, and the rolling hills began. Most people were walking because mile 7 was pretty much all uphill, and it was tough. There were some really fun things at the aid stations, like mini cake bites, bobbing for apples, and eating a doughnut on a string. I didn't do any of them, since it seemed like a good way to have runner's gut for the rest of the race, but it was a fun idea.

Miles 9-10 ran through Federal Heights, which is a really cool neighborhood in SLC. Sometimes when Chris and I like to dream, we imagine ourselves living in a house up there. Part of mile 11 ran through 2 cemeteries, but luckily nothing jumped out or tried to scare me. There were a few more uphill parts, then a few more downhill, but it wasn't too bad. The last mile was on a walking path through a park, and then I crossed the finish line! I immediately requested a drive-thru for a diet coke, and Chris obliged. It's always fun to see a friendly face at the finish line, and especially when that face will walk to the car and pick you up, instead of making you walk an extra half mile to the closest parking spot.

This medal glows in the dark, which probably makes it worth the run!

I would definitely run it again, but I would add more hill training!

Also just signed up for the AF Canyon Half....coming up in June!

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  1. what a fun idea for a race. good thing it wasn't too cold like my marathon in logan in september which had snow and 17 degrees! good yob dogey!