Thursday, October 24, 2013


Remember that time when I decided I was going to blog every day to help keep me on track with all of my goals?


But here I am again, trying my best to get back into the groove! My half marathon is 43 hours away, and boy am I nervous. I ran a half in June, but haven't quite done all of the training runs that I should have done, so I feel very unprepared. I read this interesting post about what to do when you're not really ready for a race, which helped. So I'm trying to let it go...knowing that the runs I did do will help, and that it's not my first time running a half, so I know what to expect. It's okay if I don't have an awesome time, because honestly, I don't care much about time anyway, and I never really have an awesome time, even when I train :). I still beat everyone on the couch!

So that's what's up. Also, I had a very fabulous vacation last week. Chris was on fall break from school, and one of my besties scored us buddy passes for flights and a free hotel room that was only a half mile away from Disneyland, so that's what we did! We actually left a few days earlier and went to San Diego to visit Chris's grandparents and my other bestie, who is living down there for grad school. The buddy pass situation was a little crazy, since we couldn't get on any flights to San Diego, but it ended up working out just fine because we got on a flight to Orange County and then just rented a car. It was so fun to see friends and family, and then on Sunday we headed back to Orange County to pick up my friend and her little guy at the airport. They had some flight troubles too, but finally got to the Ontario airport around 10:30pm.

Coronado Island

Beach = Love.

The next day, we went to California Adventure, which was awesome. They built a new area called Cars Land, which looks exactly like Radiator Springs from the movie, and there are a few rides and shops. Plus, there is an AWESOME ride - we actually waited in line for fast passes as soon as we got there at 10am, and the fast pass time was 6pm! It is so popular. The ride takes you through the town and gets your car ready for the race, and then you come up next to another car and race through the hills of Radiator Springs! So awesome. The last ride we did was a water ride, and we got totally soaked and freezing, so we headed back to the hotel and went to bed at like 9pm that night.

In line for the fast passes

On a very crazy, very fun Mater tractor ride

Here's a trick: fill your bag with lollipops to entertain a 3 year old in line. You're welcome.

Then the next day was Disneyland, which was super fun (as always). The lines weren't too long, and we figured out some tricks with fast passes so we were able to go on more rides. My friend's son is 3 1/2, but is unbelievably tall, so he could have gone on every ride in the park except Indiana Jones. We took him on Pirates, but he was pretty scared, so we stayed away from roller coasters and anything else that might have scarred him for life. The coolest part of the day was when we went to Mickey's Halloween Party! They sell separate tickets for the party, and you can come into the park starting at 4pm and get a wristband. Then, around 6pm, they kick everyone else out who doesn't have a wristband, and the party starts! Everyone (except Chris) dresses up, and there is trick or treating, tons of cool decorations, and the rides are pretty much empty. So we walked onto a bunch of the bigger rides, plus got about 4 pounds of candy each! They don't mess around. It was awesome, and I want to do it every year until I'm 100!

On the Matterhorn

Waiting for Star Tours (PS did anyone know they made it 3D??)

A kitty, Frankenstein's monster, and a skeleton!

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